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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 review

Otherwise called

Adaptations: N9000 (3G) N9005 (3G/LTE) Samsung Galaxy Note III Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002 with double SIM card spaces, Versions: N9000 (3G) N9005 (3G/LTE) Samsung Galaxy Note III Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9002 with double SIM card openings, Versions: N9000 (3G) ,

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Overview

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is Candybar, Touchscreen Android Smartphone from Samsung which keeps running on Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean). Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is accessible in Black, White, Pink, Merlot Red, Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White hues and 168 g (5.93 oz) of weight. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has 5.7 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen show.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is controlled by Quad-center 2.3 GHz Krait 400 N9005, N9002, Octa-center (4x1.9 GHz Cortex-A15 and 4x1.3 GHz Cortex-A7) N9000 CPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 N9005, N9002, Exynos 5420 Octa N9000 Chipset and Adreno 330 N9005, N9002, Mali-T628 MP6 N9000 GPU alongside 16/32/64 GB Storage and 3 GB RAM.

Extra highlights of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are Stylus, 24-bit/192kHz sound, Active clamor retraction with devoted mic. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has GPRS, EDGE, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, Infrared Port, GPS network alternatives on board.


In three ages, Samsung has brought the phablet space from a trial, popular and specialty territory to an entire new area. The Note 3, following in the strides of its forerunner, has a lovely huge screen, and an enhanced outline additionally which calls attention to that Samsung is considering this space important. The Note 3 has likewise brought the stylus back in style, the S Pen, as it is called, with a catch to enlarge the thumb-on-screen involvement.

The 5.7" screen measured Note 3, with the SnapDragon 800 chipset, 2160p video recording, USB 3.0 and an entire bundle of programming highlights from Samsung, has entered the portion with a hurricane of market crusading, hypothesis and premium, and has turned out with a noteworthy player against any semblance of Sony Xperia Z Ultra and the preferences.

Unpacking the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

While unpacking the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you will get everything inside the retail box that you have to begin with this telephone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handset

2A A/C connector (will utilize the USB link for charging)

MicroUSB 3.0 link connector for A/C connector for charging

Headset with volume and answer controls

S Pen


The prime features of the Galaxy Note 3 are the show and the S Pen bolster. The inclining of the screen has been raised to 5.7" from 5.5", with the goals being multiplied the first to 1080 x 1920, which thusly improves to 386ppi, outperforming the Retina 300ppi boundary.

Samsung has buckled down on the screen and it is evaluated among the best in the business. It has about boundless difference, immaculate points of view and hues that astonish. Samsung attempted to guarantee the backdrops improve the hues in the most ideal way that is available.

Samsung has come to understand that despite the fact that there are some great LCD's accessible nowadays in various premium range cell phones, it's extremely hard to coordinate the astonishing symbolism of the Super AMOLED show. Despite the fact that the Super AMOLED on the Note 3 is second to the Galaxy S4, you won't have the capacity to call attention to out aside from when you put both the gadgets next to each other.

World Note 3 can keep up consummate differentiation and is effectively coherent under the most splendid of situations, including direct daylight.


The Note 3 has a more refined and smart complete than its ancestor. The gadget is rakishly formed, and sans its lustrous hyperglazed wrap up. Samsung has changed to plastic that copies calfskin and metal, which give the gadget a develop and tasteful vibe, simply more refreshing because of its business desires.

The Note 3 is as a rule plastic (regardless of whether its greater part may not feel that way). The plastic encompassing the screen has matte complete and a brushed metal surface to it. The sides which may appear to be like a notched metal strip is additionally plastic, despite the fact that it builds the allure as well as enhances the grasp.

The most extraordinary territory on the gadget was the back, and keeping in mind that many would have thought the fake calfskin with false fastens a poor thought, Samsung have pulled it off in a way that it feels to a great degree near genuine cowhide, making it a standout amongst other backs on a cell phone. Likewise, when contrasted with aluminum or glass, this plastic can deal with and shroud scratches and other harm exceptionally well.

The Note 3 at 8.3 mm is one millimeter slimmer than the Note II which remained at 9.4mm, and it's lighter as well, at 168g having descended from 183g of the Note II. This is much lighter than some mobile phones. The Note 3 likewise decreased the bezels to make the gadget smaller by a millimeter and with indistinguishable range from the Note II. The gadget may sound cumbersome and extensive, however is in no way, shape or form too huge or too overwhelming. Indeed, the gadget feels littler than Note II.

Obviously the gadget can't be utilized without any help, yet at that point, phablets are ordinarily implied for the two hands. What's more, for typical phablet clients, Note 3 is really a decent hand fit with alternate gadgets in the market comprising of screen sizes of even up to 6.7".

The S Pen has been moved up to be relevant on the capacitive catches additionally, with the goal that the gadget is totally navigational by the S Pen. There are a few alternate routes empowered for the S Pen, so utilizing it might really be a superior choice now and again.

UI and Operating System

The telephone has the adaptation 4.3 Jelly Bean pre-stacked, the most recent at the season of discharge over this Samsung has included its own security layer named Knox. Samsung is focusing on the business clients amass that has been lost by BlackBerry. The security layer, affirmed by the administration, is a stage a similar way, and we are expecting greater improvement toward this path sooner rather than later with each new discharge.

Samsung chose to supplant the lustrous plastic at the back making different dissensions with an astounding switch an artificial calfskin styling, which feels almost the genuine article, while including class.

Samsung has likewise included a lot of alternatives identified with customization, custom-made highlights, capacity to effortlessly extend memory and removable battery, and the new 2160p video catch.

The new form of the S Pen is nearly indistinguishable range from its prior rendition, however this time around it has been leveled, which really enhances the hold. The catch is set on one of the sides at an agreeable tallness to get to. Samsung has endeavored to ensure that every one of the applications that was propelled with the Note II is pre-stacked on this rendition of the gadget. Once the S Pen is removed from the gadget, the most recent expansion, the Air Command menu, will come up on the gadget show on the Home screen. In different areas, the menu comes up once the side catch on the S Pen is clicked. The Air Command menu is a ring-formed menu with 5 easy routes set up – these are, in succession – the Action Memo, Scrap Booker, Screen Write, S Finder and Pen Window.

Activity Memo enables clients to compose content and utilize it to start activities. A less demanding to comprehend case would be that a client can compose numbers and after that send them to the phonebook , or composing a deliver and sending it to Google Maps. The content acknowledgment is amazingly quick and profoundly precise, and we couldn't consider anything it couldn't deal with.

Scrap Booker enables clients to take snaps of screen utilizing the S Pen and takes these to a piece book, where notes can be included against the snaps. These notices can be arranged class astute moreover.

Screen Write empowers clients to begin composing at first glance regardless of which screen they are on. This is by all accounts the best instrument to bring down notices when in a rush. The S Search enables clients to look through their gadget and the web too. This hunt is moreover useful since it can seek material included by means of the S Pen too. The last menu thing, the Pen Window, enables clients to dispatch a smaller than expected window of upheld applications, and opens the chose application inside the propelled little window, subsequent to revising the scaled down window's viewpoint proportion.

Samsung has discharged the Note 3 with the most recent Android offering of 4.3 and a long supply of crisp TouchWiz highlights. Especially the capacity to orchestrate menus, homescreen sheets, setting gadgets, moving to self-characterized alternate ways is greatly improved. All the more critically, giving the clients the simplicity of taking care of the gadget to a customized level without over-mess is a major thumbs-up for Samsung.

Not surprisingly, we begin off from the bolt screen highlighting gadgets presented in Jelly Bean 4.2.2, showing the time and an individual message over delightful pictures from TripAdvisor, swiping to the privilege can take you to the rundown of your most loved applications as the default TouchWiz setting, or can take you to the camera in the event that the setting is handicapped. Swiping to one side presentations gadgets. The individual message can be altered or choice incapacitated, as can the clock.

Utilizing the Quick look, the gadget illuminates the screen when its sensor recognizes somebody going after it, showing the time, messages and missed call counter, music track data and additionally the battery life. The warnings territory is the same, however an extend alternative is available to deal with the switches show at the highest point of the notice zone. The homescreen and warnings zone are indistinguishable to the Galaxy S4. Application switcher is unaltered too.
An intriguing expansion is the Multi-Window highlight enables clients to dispatch two cases of the same application together. This is included to the first multi-application highlight which permits in excess of one application in one view, with the size change choice additionally present. More applications are accompanying multi-window highlight bolster. This has empowered the information/data duplicate from one application to alternate also, something that numerous clients will be exceptionally content with. The settings menu has been moved up to a selected mode, making it less demanding to recognize and find the settings.

Another cool component with the Note 3 is the one-hand task. This takes the entire gadget show to one corner of the screen, defaulting to the typical 4" show screen estimate (however this can likewise be balanced). The volume catches in favor of the gadget are likewise now accessible on the touch screen. This component will be quite valued by the numerous clients, who in spite of the fact that acknowledge vast screens, at times require the utilization of one hand to work their gadgets.

S Note and Scrap Book are comparative applications, with the distinction being that in the S Note clients can make journals to store their notes, while in Scrap Book, clients can classify their pieces. Be that as it may, both applications are fueled to include any sorts of materials, from recordings to pictures, doodling and message as a feature of the notes.

The data see highlight empowered by the Air View, which was presented in the Note II is available here moreover. The Air View likewise can empower video and sound chasing, track changing, envelope see, amplifying joins introduce on site pages on floating the S Pen. With the capacity to catch a float from 3 cm and closer to the screen, this lessens a considerable measure of screen tapping.

Extra highlights incorporate the Air Gestures, as of now presented in S4 in detail, recognizing the hand movement over the screen at a separation of 7 cm and closer. The well-known Smart Scroll, Smart Pause, Smart Stay and Smart Rotate alternatives are additionally accessible for utilize. The nonexclusive highlights like direct call, savvy alarm, shaking the telephone to revive Bluetooth gadgets list are on the whole present.

The Phone Book is likewise fundamentally the same as the S4, and furthermore incorporates the much requested component, the Block List. It additionally takes into account particular vibration designs for various guests, which is in reality quite flawless. Indeed, even the speaker include turns out great. The console skimming is accommodated clients who require more space for the message body, and in addition word figure is empowered for swype.

The S Voice is the Android reply to Siri. The alternatives of S Voice are like Google Now in a few spots, yet S Voice concentrates more towards the gadget and its related activities.

The Samsung Note 3, as far as the handling power is unquestionably in the number one spot regarding equipment, however it has a considerable measure of solid rivalry to fight off. Notwithstanding, joined with the great looks, the operational capacities, and the general class, we would rate Note 3 as path ahead in the number one spot.

As in different spots, the internet browser has likewise had a change on account of the signals. The squeeze zoom empowering the tab see, air signals permitting tab switch, and also Air see, Smart parchment and Smart remain all work in the program.

The Polaris Document watcher is given, to permit review of all the significant record document composes. Be that as it may, altering is absent.

Another fascinating presented application is the Group Play, which permits sight and sound sharing over different gadgets in a similar room, while being intelligent. Alternate telephones/gadgets need to help Group Play however. The gadgets convey by means of Wi-Fi and blending is done by means of NFC. This can mean sharing music while enabling different gadgets to go about as speakers for an encompass sound vibe, talk about while seeing a similar picture with various zones being engaged or brought up by various individuals in the group, or multi-player gaming. Likewise, the Multi Vision considers clients to assemble their gadgets to frame a bigger show. At that point there is the Samsung Link, the capacity to adjust information with a PC, Dropbox or the preferences.

Additionally, the S Translator helps individuals with dialect boundaries by meaning and fro. Being empowered with various basic dialects gives a solid stage to the dispatch of this application. The S Health is the wellbeing and wellness following application by Samsung, permitting production of profile, measurements, and overseeing exercises and targets.

The exhibition on the Note 3 can be dealt with by various alternatives like collections, all, time, area and so on. The squeeze zoom and Air View works here also. The capacity to deal with numerous pictures of an organizer is additionally present.

The My Files application is steady, and has not been improved, and the application is sufficiently strong to experience. The IR remote control usefulness is additionally present on the gadget.


The Note 3 has a similar 13 MP snapper as the Galaxy S4 however with minor changes, similar to the Surround Shot. The 13MP camera can gobble up to 4128 x 3096 pixels. Samsung endeavored with this gadget to give the capacity to utilize one viewfinder for both still and video catch, to expel the mode exchanging reliance however, in the event that there might be an issue when shooting full goals 13MP photographs, since this catches pictures in 4:3 viewpoint proportion, the recordings will likewise be recorded in a similar way.

A large portion of the settings are in the upper left corner. The volume rocker can be set to go about as the screen key, the recorder enter or for zooming in/out. The HDR mode (Rich Tone) can spare two duplicates of a picture (one ordinary, and the other a HDR photograph) or simply the HDR form. Another alternative empowers the gadget to name photographs with your area, however this expects GPS to be empowered.

The better settings for taking pictures can be found in two places, the first being under the shade keys named the Mode catch, which raises a merry go round with various shooting modes, every mode accompanies an illustrative picture and content. The second area is the bolt catch at the base of the screen, which flies up a line of various shading impacts, with each impact demonstrating a live review. Modes that have been available in some past Samsung gadgets like the Best Photo (which takes different pictures and permits determination of the best from the parcel) and Best Face (which enables each face in the picture to be changed separately) and the Beauty Shot, which does some contacting up of the photo consequently.

Samsung has included the Surround shot, the circular display picture. The furthermore gave Eraser instrument permits expulsion of moving items from the shot. Another approach to catch moving articles is Cine Photo, which makes an energized GIF document of a moving item moving. The Sound and Shot catches and records the encompassing sound. Be that as it may, the Sound and Shot can't be shared. The sound part remains on the telephone. Another mode is the Double Shot. It takes a photograph with the two cameras front and back, and includes the individual bringing the shot into the principle shot as well.

HDR stills turn out flawlessly, with a lot of fine detail and building up a considerable measure of the features that would be cut much of the time, though shadows are just given a minor change, so the difference is as yet awesome pictures still look genuine.

Displays can go up to 60 MP in representation mode with pictures 3000 px tall, which is incredible. In either mode you can shoot pictures around 19-20000 px wide. The consistent sewing that was an extraordinary refresh to S4 is available in plain view here as well, furthermore the accelerometer and gyrator caution you if the movement is too quick or getting off the correct way.

The Note 3 acquaints video catch capacity with 2160p, marked 4K, catching recordings of 3840 x 2160 goals, which is four times the goals of the FullHD cuts. Be that as it may, amid 4K video catch, the Dual Shot mode or catching stills isn't permitted, however full goals 8 MP pictures of 16:9 pictures amid 1080p account.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 can likewise catch FullHD in 30 fps mode at a bitrate of around 16 Mbps alongside the 1080p@60fps alternative at around 30Mbps. The sound is stereo quality at 122 Kbps. The recordings can be zoomed to 4x in general, anyway the initial 2x contains the first video quality and downsizing of value begins after this boundary.

Curiously the 2160p video mode has a 47 Mbps bitrate for a similar 30 outlines for every second, however sound is nearly the same. The recordings has abnormal state of detail, and this alongside the gigantic goals makes the Note 3 the best cell phone out there as far as video quality. The 4K recordings quality is adequate that it can beat the 4 MP stills of the HTC One even in great light against each edge.

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