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Olive 06HD Review

One of only a handful couple of reactions we stopped against Olive's past music server, the 04HD, was that a PC could be redone to convey the vast majority of similar highlights and execution at substantially less expense. A PC would be bulkier, noisier, and not so alluring, but rather it would be less expensive. It would be significantly harder, be that as it may, to construct a PC to rival Olive's most recent server, the model 06HD.
Olive 06HD review home media audio server

Indeed, Olive has increased its amusement—significantly. The Olive 06HD Music Server enhances the 04HD all around conceivable. It's less demanding to utilize, gives better enhancer associations, conveys more stockpiling limit, flaunts quicker system segments and — in particular — sounds significantly more stunning.

Audiophiles are frequently scrutinized for having more cash than sense. They'll burn through several dollars for cryogenically treated sound links (sorry, I intended to state "interconnects"). They'll supplant superbly functional power strings with expensive links trimmed with ferrite centers, capacitors, stifles, and different materials that the producer cases will significantly enhance the execution of whatever gadget the string is associated with. Furthermore, they'll burn through a huge number of dollars on top of the line preamps, amps, CD players, detachable DACs, turntables, speakers, and different parts. Olive plainly has its eye on these very much obeyed clients—the Olive 06HD is estimated at a cool $5,000—however there's not a drop of a quack remedy in this item.

Olive is unhesitatingly straightforward about the segments that make up the 06HD—the organization's not pulling the fleece over anybody's eyes by professing to utilize riddle materials with supernatural properties. Truth be told, Olive distinguishes the make and model of about each segment spare one: the CPU in charge of running the Linux-based working framework (reps were ready to uncover that it's a custom chip made by Marvell).

Modern plan

Before we jump into an examination of the 06HD's innards, we should look at its dazzling outside. It's marginally bigger than the 04HD, with 10.1-inch, 800 x 480-pixel shading contact screen involving the majority of the land over its all-aluminum shell. You can utilize the screen (or the catches beneath it) to explore Olive's graphical UI; on the other hand, you can utilize a cell phone or tablet (there are applications for both the iOS and Android working frameworks). While you're tuning in to music, the presentation demonstrates collection craftsmanship and metadata identified with the music you're as of now tuning in to. A HDMI yield in back empowers you to show the same on your TV or video projector (despite the fact that the goals is restricted to a person on foot 480p).

Olive 06HD survey home media sound serverNeither the 04HD or the 06HD would function admirably tucked inside the ordinary stimulation focus; then again, they're so wonderful to observe that you wouldn't have any desire to conceal them in a bureau. The restricted front board has a ¼-inch earphone jack with its own volume control, and a space feed CD player and burner. We'll broadly expound on these segments later.

Turn the 06HD around and you'll locate various updates contrasted with the 04HD, boss among them adjusted XLR simple and advanced (AES/EBU) sound yields created by the well known European sound part producer Neutrik. Adjusted connectors, for example, these are substantially less powerless to outside commotion and electromagnetic obstruction, and they bolster any longer link keeps running than is conceivable with RCA and different sorts of uneven sound links. Olive likewise gives gold-plated RCA simple sound yields, if your amp isn't outfitted with XLR contributions, and in addition coaxial and Toslink S/PDIF associations on the off chance that you'd want to interface the server to a detachable advanced to-simple converter (DAC). The 06HD doesn't have any computerized inputs, in any case, so you won't have the capacity to utilize it to change over the advanced yields from different gadgets.

The back board likewise has mounts for a couple of Wi-Fi recieving wires, a gigabit Ethernet port, and a USB 2.0 port (which is restricted to support up the inside 2TB hard drive and refreshing framework programming; you can't interface a console to it for information passage purposes). Reinforcements are picture based and will overwrite the substance of whatever outside drive is utilized for the reinforcement; the upside to this is reestablishing your music library after a cataclysmic drive disappointment will be speedy and effortless. You'll have to utilize the system associations with exchange your music library to the server.


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In the engine

Olive's designers put three top of the line DACs inside the 06HD: Texas Instruments' Burr-Brown PCM1792s, with 24-bit goals and an examining rate of 192kHz. Two work in mono (one DAC for the left channel and one for the right); the third works in stereo, nourishing the server's installed earphone amp. To lessen jitter (deviations in time that can result in the spatial bending of voices and instruments), the 06HD uses a TI SRC4194 nonconcurrent test rate converter to upsample the flag to 24-bit goals and 384kHz examining rate before changing over it to simple.

Power for the simple and advanced parts originate from partitioned direct power supplies, with a superior AC line channel and a custom-constructed toroidal transformer (the advantage of this kind of transformer is that it emanates a substantially littler attractive field than a non-toroid transformer). Every one of these segment decisions adds to the surprising sound execution specs Olive cases for the 06HD: add up to consonant contortion in addition to clamor (THD+N) of 0.0007 percent, a flag to-commotion proportion of 124dB, and dynamic scope of 121dB.

Olive 06HD survey home sound server compact disc driveThe 06HD accompanies a 2TB hard drive that is enveloped by eight layers of cushioning, with the goal that positively no clamor or vibration escapes from the fenced in area. The TEAC CD player/burner is similarly calm, notwithstanding when tearing or copying a circle. Slip a plate (CDs just, SACDs and DVD-Audio circles are not perceived) into this drive, and the 06HD can consequently tear it, transcode the tracks to your organization of decision, store it on the hard drive, and download the collection craftsmanship and metadata from Olive's own particular file. On the off chance that your observe the metadata to be fragmented or unacceptable, you can alter it utilizing your organized Mac or PC through Olive's Maestro Web interface, which keeps running on the server. You can likewise exchange your music library from a Mac or PC to the 06HD over your system.

Notwithstanding its remote systems administration capacities, the 06HD is likewise furnished with a gigabit Ethernet interface. It can stream music from other UPnP and DLNA servers (Olive backings TVersity and Twonky Media), and it can stream music to other system customers, including Olive's own 02M multi-room player (every server can bolster up to 15 of these gadgets). At last, you can associate with pretty much any Internet radio station. What you won't discover, be that as it may, are any Internet radio spilling administrations —, for example, Pandora, LastFM, or Slacker — on any of Olive's music servers.

Sonic execution

We associated the 06HD to an Onkyo M-282 two-channel intensifier driving a couple of Klipsch RF-35 tower speakers to assess its melodic hacks. We chose a differing gathering of music, beginning with the Eric Whitacre collection Water Night. This rendition, encoded in 24-bit FLAC at an inspecting rate of 96kHz, originated from the Bowers and Wilkins Society of Sound membership music benefit. This collection incorporates a few a cappella tracks highlighting the Eric Whitacre Singers, including "Her Sacred Spirit Soars." Music, for example, this, comprising exclusively of human voices, gives nothing in which sound parts can shroud their defects, and the 06HD took care of the track wonderfully, giving each voice clear lucidity.
Olive 06HD survey home sound server back link connectionsWe utilized another collection from the Society of Sound accumulation, Dub Me Tender, from Dub Collossus, to assess the server's bass execution (encoded in 24-bit FLAC at examining rate of 44.1kHz). This historic combination act mixes customary Ethiopian music with components of jazz and name reggae to create a sound remarkably their own. "Insane in Dub" has a driving bass line, which the 06HD gave assurance without quieting the sizzle of the kabbas (a handheld percussion instrument comprising of an accumulation of metal dabs that the player rubs around a folded metal chamber).

Coming back to established music, we next signaled up the London Symphony Orchestra's account of Britten's Ware Requiem, encoded in 24-bit FLAC at a 48kHz testing rate. The 06HD sounded transcendent, exhibiting each instrument—strings, metal, and choir—with the most extreme lucidity and accuracy.


As we said at the opening, it is hard to manufacture a PC that could repeat the Olive 06HD's execution, yet that may before long be a disputable issue. With the expansion of cell phones, tablets, and reasonable computerized media streamers, numerous individuals are renouncing owning any PC whatsoever.

The 06HD is a marvelous, no-bargains advanced music server reasonable for audiophiles, as well as anybody with a profound situated energy for music (and profound pockets with which to enjoy that enthusiasm). There is no less demanding approach to tear a CD, and authorities will value Olive's Maestro programming, which offers unparalleled instruments for delivering nitty gritty metadata. Indeed, the 06HD is costly, yet not without reason: Olive not just uses top-rack segments and houses them in a standout amongst the most exquisite fenced in areas we've seen, yet every framework is hand worked in the U.S.

Music servers are wherever nowadays. Straightforward or unpredictable, modest or costly, in fact you're utilizing one right presently to peruse this website page. However, not all music servers are similar. The sound quality can differ incredibly. For instance, things like all around outlined computerized to simple converters (DACs) are an immense part in getting great sound from your advanced music.

Enter Olive. The San Francisco based organization has been making ravishing top of the line music servers for quite a while now. With the 06HD, they're pointing comfortable audiophile advertise.

The equipment is noteworthy. A coordinated combine of Texas Instruments' Burr-Brown PCM1792's handles the advanced to simple change. These 24-bit/192 kHz modules keep running in mono mode, one for every stereo channel. These game a guaranteed motion to-clamor proportion of 124 dB.

A different precious stone oscillator, after re-timing, has under 10 picoseconds of jitter. Olive cases this is the best in the music server class. A "high-exactness straight power supply" with a low-commotion toroidal transformer and substantial limit capacitors keep everything provided with juice.

Bit rates upheld are 16, 20, and 24-bit with examining frequencies from 10 kHz to 200 kHz. Record groups are AAC (128 kbps), MP3 (128 and 320 kbps), FLAC and WAV. As though your own particular high piece rate music wasn't adequate, the 06HD uses an offbeat example rate converter, the TI SRC4194, to upsample all sound to 24-bit/384 kHz.

The yield recurrence reaction is an asserted +0/ - 0.5db from 20Hz to 20kHz and a THD+N of under 0.0007% between 20Hz-22kHz.

Top of the line earphones are exceedingly well known at the present time, and you can't simply expect incredible sound with them by connecting to the front of your collector. Knowing this, Olive outfitted the 06HD with a different PCM1792 DAC and TPA6120A2 sound amp particularly for the earphone yield.

The anodized aluminum bureau holds a 800x480 10.1-inch glass-on-glass contact screen that gives you a chance to explore your music by collection craftsmanship. The 2 terabyte hard drive has 8 layers of clamor dropping cushioning. On the base of the 17.125" x 4.5" x 14" unit are hostile to vibration feet to keep the whole server disengaged. Not at all like numerous music servers, there are no fans, keeping the 06HD ultra-calm.

On the off chance that you need to import CDs straightforwardly into the Olive, the inside CD drive is a from TEAC. This drive will likewise copy CD-Rs on the off chance that you need to make a blend CD, or a CD of MP3s to play in your auto. Wired and remote (802.11n) organizing are accessible.

Yields are 24k gold-plated RCAs, or adjusted Neutrik XLRs. In the event that you feel the DACs in your preamp or recipient are superior to those in the Olive, there's likewise optical, persuade, and AES/EBU advanced yields.

The 06HD is custom worked by Olive in San Francisco and is accessible now from Olive straightforwardly or from one of their merchants worldwide for $4,999.


Preeminent sound execution

Inactively cooled (no fans at all)

Delightful outline


Can't be utilized as a local USB sound gadget for a PC

No advanced data sources

Restricted to remote system paces of 54Mb/s

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