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Checkout ELEPAWL EP6 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Finding the privilege Bluetooth earphones is getting harder. As though it wasn't sufficiently troublesome to discover earphones without attempting them first, new highlights like dynamic clamor retraction are just make it more troublesome. In any case, with the correct course, it isn't so much that difficult to make sense of regardless of whether Bluetooth earphones will work for what you have as a main priority.


The ELEPAWL EP6 are to some degree inquisitive. Given their full bodied, over-ear configuration, they're not exactly as compact as different kinds of Bluetooth earphones. The plan of the EP6 is better outlined as fabricate quality blended with a high accentuation on sound quality. Saying this doesn't imply that that its different highlights are missing, yet the EP6 was unquestionably developed a particular kind of audience at the top of the priority list.


Manufacture and Design

The ELEPAWL EP6 looks somewhat robotic. Their body estimates 8.7 x 8.4 x 2.3-inches, and weighs about a large portion of a pound. What influences them to emerge is the most is their sparkling metal segments against the dark and silver shading plan. Together it makes the feeling of a top notch item with the end goal that recommends ELEPAWL EP6 has a place in the $300 value run.

Inside, the EP6 utilize genuinely substantial 45mm drivers. Remotely, the EP6 has been thoroughly strengthened at various focuses, with the end goal that the EP6 is nothing if not strong. The majority of the sound driver lodging and contact surfaces are made of ABS plastic, while the vast majority of the metal parts are utilized around mechanical joints.

Versatile Sound Controls

On the correct ear container, there's a modest play/stop catch, which likewise goes about as the volume control handle. Tragically, these controls are fairly nonsensical. Volume increments as you look from the base, while it increments from the best. Raising the volume can likewise go skirt a melody, while bringing down it can rewind. On the off chance that you need to alter the volume rather than skip around, you must hold the catch.

On the base of the left ear-container, you'll see a smaller scale USB port for charging. Adjacent is the AUX port, receiver, and power switch. You'll take note of the ANC and Bluetooth alternatives have been made separate here. That implies you can't turn on ANC without turning on the earphones.


Sound Quality

Earphone makers, in their drive to make customer centered items, tend to accentuate the generation of solid bass. Mass-advertise earphones all endeavor to seek after this bass-overwhelming sound mark, which frequently comes in return for lucidity in treble. Indeed, if the normal individual has utilized 5 sets of earphones in the previous 20 years, four of the five in all likelihood fall into this classification.

Regardless of whether you like it involves taste, yet the ELEPAWL EP6 takes after this pattern also. Sound quality is considerably more emotional than picture quality. That is on account of everybody has somewhat unique hearing capacities, diverse tastes inside music, et cetera.

Indeed, even individuals who love bass may concur the bass on the EP6 has been supported to the point that it makes the midrange feel less great by differentiate. However, in the event that you like the profound bass soundscape that has come to describe most customer earphones, the EP6 will no uncertainty awe you.

The bass is exceedingly precise and smooth, however it blends into the mid-tones at a few focuses, male voices come through with clearness. The EP6 likewise has a slight lift to the treble range which gives some punch to high tones, however encounters similar issues with treble lucidity that come to fruition with enlarged bass.


ANC Noise Protection

What issues the ELEPAWL EP6 has in the midrange are somewhat settled when you turn on the ANC. That is on account of the ANC somewhat quiets the bass, bringing about a marginally more adjust soundstage than most Bluetooth earphones in this value go.

Notwithstanding, it must be noticed that the ANC is on the weaker side. It would surely be deficient for blocking out repetitive sound itself, as for somebody who needed to sit on a plane without playing any music. The ANC works sensibly well when combined with music, and it may be reasonable for say that the music needs the ANC to sound its best.

As an independent element the ANC is deficient, however getting freely solid ANC is shockingly something that would definitely build the sticker price of these earphones.


Something else the EP6 has making it work is NFC. The incorporation of close field correspondence (NFC) innovation makes associating the ELEPAWL EP6 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones about as simple as pushing a catch. Simply bring the EP6 inside a couple of creeps of your telephone, and you'll have the capacity to make an association in short order.

Without hardly lifting a finger of us, the EP6 has a large number of the more standard highlights that have come to describe almost all Bluetooth earphones. For instance, they utilize an inherent amplifier that enables the EP6 to be adjusted to sans hands calling and different voice summons. The receiver is genuinely standard, while it gives lucidity, you'd need to change to a two-mouthpiece gadget on the off chance that you were anticipating making calls inside rowdy conditions.


Worn Comfort

The EP6 additionally sparkles in comfort. Its ear cushions are particularly well made, and built from smooth quality cowhide. The froth cushioning on each is about 1.5" thick, enabling them to lounge around the ear instead of on them. Extra froth lines the drivers to help ensure your ears.

The manner in which the EP6 fits on your head descends to its ear mugs. Every ear container utilizes a metal pivot, which likewise enables them to turn adaptively. The ear glasses swivel 90-degrees to all the more likely fit the wearer's head. Be that as it may, these pivots don't permit collapsing, so the ELEPAWL EP6 are not exactly as versatile the same number of different earphones in this value extend.

Then again, augmentation of the headband happens in smooth additions, so they're ready to coordinate basic size of head. What's more, the headband itself is additionally all around cushioned, and additionally secured with the quality cowhide material which likewise covers the ear cushions.

Long haul Comfort

EPEPAWL chose to influence the EP6 with an over-ear to outline. Matched with its cushioning, that spells out enduring solace more than a few long periods of back to back utilize. What's more, the rotational ear containers enable better to give comfort by making even weight over that cushioning.

Customarily, individuals who burn through several dollars on earphones wind up befuddled, baffled, or generally feeling they've been ripped off. That is on account of even earphones in the $1,000 territory are typically developed from clearly economical plastics. Furthermore, when you're paying such a great amount for a couple of earphones, a few shoppers will expect something that is durable bizarre with an all-metal, or even wood lodging.

The issue is that earphones lay on your head, and little measures of weight can include up when worn the neck. This is a piece of the motivation behind why you can put on a couple of earphones and they'll feel flawlessly easily, yet a couple of hours after the fact, you'll feel hopeless. Also, in case you're wearing over-ear earphones like the ELEPAWL EP6, at that point there's a decent possibility you plan on utilizing your earphones for some back to back hours.

A few people are more influenced by profound earphones than others, and it's a greater amount of an issue over particularly extensive stretches of utilization. The ELEPAWL EP6 holes to customer inclinations, utilizing metal development to overflow a feeling of durability. Yet, in doing as such, they've made a headset that is somewhat on the substantial side. On the off chance that this troubles you, it very well may be relieved by wearing the EP6 around your neck rather than on your head when you're not really tuning in to the EP6.

Battery Life

ELEPAWL arranged the EP6 with a 800mAh lithium-particle battery-powered battery, which ELEPAWL appraisals to last as much as 30 long periods of recess. Be that as it may, there's a huge amount of factors that go into battery gauges, and that photo is significantly more confused with the expansion of ANC. That is on account of dynamic clamor crossing out expends battery life – almost as much battery control as playing music.

All things considered, with the ANC on, the EP6 can give more like 23 long stretches of battery life. What's more, with to some degree rare utilize, you'll wind up charging about once every month. That is significantly superior to dealing with expendable batteries.
The EP6 additionally energizes rather rapidly, with a full charge finish in around a hour and a half. Obviously, charge times additionally rely upon the links you utilize and the spots you're charging from. Yet, even on slower 1A USB ports, the EP6 can be prepared to go in barely longer than 2-hours. When you connect them to, a LED on the base side of the left ear container will sparkle red. That LED will kill when they're charged and prepared to be utilized once more.



For gushing music from a telephone in your pocket, the association is remarkable. You don't experience skipping or dropping, and for the most part don't need to endeavor to make the underlying association. ELEPAWL does not give data about the separation their earphones should have the capacity to transmit, yet it is by all accounts around 30 feet. That is about standard for Bluetooth associations of this compose, and superbly satisfactory for broadcasting from your cell phone.

Different Considerations

The ELEPAWL E6 incorporates a calfskin conveying case, which has been emblazoned with the ELEPAWL logo. The topside of the case utilizes a drawstring to pull close. It incorporates the important charging link, an AUX link, a clasp to join the AUX link, two extra ear pieces, a client manual, and client bolster card. The AUX string runs 3.9-feet, ending in a standard 3.5mm fitting. ELEPAWL additionally incorporates a 18-month guarantee.

Who Should Choose the ELEPAWL EP6?

Sound quality for the EP6 is profoundly focused at this cost go. Also, in the event that you like bass, you'll like the ELEPAWL EP6. They perform perfectly concerning motion pictures, calls, and a wide assortment of music. Their assemble quality is outstanding, and the cushioning gives a kind of dynamic solace that resembles wearing a love seat on your head. In any case, on the other hand, they can feel substantial and less agreeable over extensive timeframes.

The ANC isn't exactly a remain solitary component, however it enables keep to commotion out while you tune in to your music, and it does as such without giving up sound quality or keeping you from hearing anything at all in your condition. The ELEPAWL EP6 may not perform very as honorably as earphones in the $300 territory, yet they're positively an extraordinary blend of high esteem parts and highlights.

At the season of posting, the Elepawl EP6 can be found on Amazon for $65.99. It doesn't seem as though they can as of now be discovered somewhere else.

Bundling and Accessories:

The EP6 accompanied extremely fundamental bundling. It arrives in a plain dark cardboard box with a portray of the earphones on the front alongside the Elepawl logo and EP6 show number.


A calfskin conveying case with ELEPAWL embellished on it and a drawstring on the upper right sits directly underneath the cover; under that is defensive froth with patterns for the earphones and included AUX and charging links. The client manual and a client bolster card promising an unconditional present in return for an Amazon survey (which made alerts go off in my mind) sit over the froth.

20171013_152619.jpg 20171013_152657.jpg


These earphones have a more premium look than others I've seen at this value go. The dark and-silver shading plan is extremely smooth and the little metal pieces outwardly of the lodging on each side include a decent touch.

20171013_152804.jpg 20171013_152910.jpg 20171013_152924.jpg

The lodging is made of plastic with little metal accents - a little oval in the center and an adjusted piece close to the front (which makes it less demanding than the little lettering within the pivot to tell which ear is which, genuinely). On the left lodging, they are only for improvement; on the right, nonetheless, the little oval in the center is the delay/play catch and the adjusted piece is the volume control. I don't know that these controls were worked for usability - squeezing volume up, which is on the base, avoids a melody, and squeezing volume down returns a tune. To modify the volume, you need to hold the catches. The correct lodging likewise has the ELEPAWL logo unmistakably on it. The smaller scale USB port is on the base of the left lodging; the base of the correct lodging has the AUX port, the receiver, and the power switch, which has ANC and Bluetooth as particular settings. This implies you can't turn ANC on without likewise turning the earphones on, which is somewhat irritating.


The ear cushions are exceptionally well made - they're shrouded in delicate calfskin and are an inch and a half thick, which makes these earphones really fit around my ear as opposed to on them. Amidst the ear cushion, froth that is startlingly like the froth the EP6 is bundled in covers the drivers.

20171013_152846.jpg 20171013_152859.jpg

The pivots, which are made of strong metal, turn adjustably however don't crease, which makes them less compact than different earphones and makes it hard to fit these in their conveying case. In any case, they reach out in sufficiently little augmentations to fit any head measure and the adaptable headband is extremely all around cushioned, secured by the same delicate calfskin that covers the ear cushions.


The EP6 are fantastically agreeable. The thickness and cushioning of the ear cushions makes them fit immovably around my ears without the headband making them push against my head too firmly. This makes a better than average seal, and alongside it, really great detached commotion segregation. I can wear these for significant lots of time without being awkward. All things considered, they are somewhat overwhelming; I as a rule wear them around my neck while I'm not utilizing them rather than simply keeping them on my head.

The ANC is weaker than I foreseen. I tried it by tuning in to "Heavenly White Noise" through my PC at 80% volume, the likeness sitting within a plane. Simply putting these earphones on diminished the commotion by about half; in any case, I scarcely saw a distinction when I turned ANC on. The ANC works better when music is playing - the distinction in level of foundation clamor was detectable and not insignificant - but rather is fringe not worth utilizing without music.

Battery Life/Connectivity:

Pressing a 800 mAh battery, these earphones guarantee a great 30 long periods of recess. It isn't determined yet I expect that figure is for Bluetooth playback without ANC - 30 hours appears to be much excessively liberal, making it impossible to be the consolidated figure. All things considered, the real battery life is as yet respectable and is effectively more than 20 hours. I would evaluate I utilize ANC around 40-half of the time while wearing these earphones and I have just needed to energize them once in the month or so I have claimed them. They revive acceptably rapidly and have a LED on the base of the left lodging that sparkles red while the earphones are connected to and kills when they are completely charged.

I by and large keep my telephone in my pocket or near my individual while utilizing earphones or IEMs and these are no special case. The association is great inside a short proximity - the music hasn't skipped or dropped once. Elepawl doesn't determine the most extreme scope of the EP6 however it appears somewhere in the range of 25 and 30 feet is its compelling extent.


The EP6 has a genuine bass lift that gives it an unbalanced V-formed sound mark. These earphones fall into the trap that such huge numbers of other buyer centered earphones and IEMs do: solid bass at the cost of lucidity (particularly in the treble) and mid-run nearness. So, the soundstage is superior to anything expected, making it simple to lose all sense of direction in the music, and the somewhat lifted level of detail helps battle the issues the mid and treble face.

Not surprisingly, the ANC separates the mids by lessening the bass; this makes vocals sound more characteristic and treble less jumbled. I lean toward tuning in with ANC for tunes with bunches of piano or substantial spotlight on vocals (particularly a cappella) however without for pop tunes or EDM. Except if generally indicated, my portrayals of the sound are without ANC on.


The bass is intense to a blame. The sub-bass is smooth and exact, enabling you to feel your music and also hear it - no other earphone I've utilized and not very many IEMs have possessed the capacity to repeat the thunder in the start of Evanescense's "Breath life into Me" the way these did.. The mid-bass is punchy and percussive however extremely messy around the edges. It moves toward becoming enlarged effortlessly - it did on relatively every tune I used to test these earphones that included a bass line - and seeps into the mids, influencing them to break.

I'm helped to remember the KZ ZS3 when I tune in to these. The bass of the ZS3 is more tightly than the EP6 however both have solid basses that turn into the most unmistakable piece of the music. They are likewise comparable as far as liveliness however I would state the ZS3 has the better bass.


Remaining consistent with the V-formed sound mark, the mids are recessed. In Pentatonix's "Some person That I Used To Know", the tenor section unmistakably comes in after the bass; be that as it may, as the alto and soprano parts come in, it blurs into the back and is significantly harder to hear. At bring down volumes, the mids just have less nearness; at higher volumes, it is less demanding to hear them yet the seep from the bass contorts mid-go sounds.

The vocals, be that as it may, are an alternate story. Voices - particularly male voices - come through with a shockingly decent level of detail. Notwithstanding the subsidence of the mids out of sight, vocals emerge and are not emphatically influenced by the bass swell. Neither male nor female vocals have a lot of sibilance either. Be that as it may, they sound somewhat suppressed - on the off chance that I weren't tuning in for it I presumably wouldn't hear it yet it sounds like you're tuning in to a propagation of a voice instead of somebody singing to you.


Like the bass, the treble additionally has a slight lift. The most ideal approach to portray it is that it's simply there. It has no unique characteristics of its own - it's not especially vaporous, light, or delicate - but rather repeats high sounds and female voices truly well. Piano parts, as on The Fray's "Hundred", sound somewhat sloppy, yet the introductions to Bastille's "Giggling Lines" and My Chemical Romance's "Welcome to the Black Parade sound perfectly clear.

Female vocals sound somewhat far off however aren't excessively sibilant (which occurs on numerous V-or U-molded sound marks). They likewise have great detail - I can hear Adele's trills on "Somebody Like You" yet can't get the smaller scale points of interest that you may get notification from a more audiophile-centered earphone. I wouldn't prescribe these earphones on the off chance that you tune in to for the most part tunes with female vocals yet they aren't awful for melodies with heaps of treble or high voices either.


The EP6 has a wide soundstage with better than average profundity. Rather than seeming like it's simply before me, the music apparently originates from all sides. Additionally, singular instruments are anything but difficult to choose, even in occupied melodies like AWOLNATION's "All I Need" and Cage The Elephant's "In One Ear". Notwithstanding, lucidity is missing; a large number of the instruments out of sight seep into each other and aren't as characterized or fresh as they most likely ought to be.


versus Tsumbay TS-BH05 (~$60 USD)

The TS-BH05 has pass on the better ANC. You don't need to turn the earphones on to utilize it and it is more grounded, blocking more clamor without music playing. The bass on the TS-BH05 is additionally more refined. Be that as it may, the sound nature of the EP6 has more clearness and detail in general than the TS-BH05 and is fabricated better. In the event that sound could really compare to ANC, the EP6 is a superior decision; if ANC is more imperative, the TS-BH05 is better.

Last Thoughts:

For under $70, Elepawl put out a quite decent Bluetooth ANC earphone. The construct quality looks and feels premium, and however a portion of the usefulness could have been exceptional thoroughly considered, they are anything but difficult to utilize once you get the hang of them. The ANC is somewhat frail to be utilized independent from anyone else; be that as it may, when utilized with music, it disengages staggeringly well. The sound quality is additionally quite great, regardless of (or due to, contingent upon your tastes) the V-formed mark. These earphones are justified, despite all the trouble for the easygoing voyager who needs to close the world out of their drive, regardless of whether a transport or prepare or plane, however anybody searching for more than easygoing tuning in or who needs genuine commotion retraction should need to redesign.

The Tabor Bluetooth Headphones from Kicker offer an extraordinary sound affair that is remote without surrendering any elevated expectations of value. Ergonomic plan and highlights utilizing different gadgets additionally add to the interest of these noteworthy earphones.

These remote bluetooth, over-the-ear earphones from Kicker emerge for quality, plan, battery life, lightweight, strength, and sans hands alternatives make this sound choice a moderate emerge.

GearDiary Kicker's Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Hype

The Kicker HP402BT earphones are a definitive blend of solace and sound quality with Bluetooth gushing so you won't become involved with links (Supports A2DP, AVRC, and HFP profiles). AptX® codec innovation keeps any misfortune in sound quality so you don't need to forfeit for versatility. Huge 54 mm drivers with amazingly itemized acoustics offer truth to the expression greater is in every case better.

A battery-powered battery keeps you rockin' for 10 hours and is effectively accused of any USB miniaturized scale source. The ultra-lightweight plan, cushioned headband and thick ear pads give dependable solace impeccable to engaging children on long treks or simply setting down and unwinding. A discretionary association with sans tangle, level yellow link when Bluetooth isn't accessible gives a more noteworthy scope of utilization. The ergonomically planned controls and mic effectively control your music encounter and give sans hands calling to the bustling proficient.

The Reality

GearDiary Kicker's Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

These Tabor Bluetooth Headphones include basic outline decisions like the blue catch give various utilizations to playing, delaying, blending, status (LED) and power in addition to a calculated port for the sans tangle string alternative. Just beneath this catch is the inward receiver, discretionary sound/helper string input and small scale USB input.

GearDiary Kicker's Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

A level link is incorporated for a direct-associate choice when remote isn't accessible and incorporates an advantageous volume control with effortlessly grippable catches where clients simply squeeze the best one (nearest to the earphones) for volume up and base one for volume down.

Above and calculated from the blue catch are the past track and next track catch and the expansion volume and decline volume catch are beneath and calculated on the contrary side from the blue catch.

The 3.7V/600mAh Lithium-particle battery-powered battery (utilizing USB rope) isn't removable and as a rule goes on for 10 hours and is effectively accused of any USB small scale source – five hours for the underlying charge and around over two hours for customary charges. Presently for a "kicker" – the battery not "hot-swappable", but rather is anything but difficult to evacuate simple to expel (link to plug and unplug) utilizing a screwdriver and Kicker can send a substitution battery.

GearDiary Kicker's Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Conceded I'm a major person, however in the event that the over-the-ear pieces were somewhat bigger, at that point that solace level would have enhanced recognizably for me in long utilize sessions.

GearDiary Kicker's Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

The pads and headband are sufficiently agreeable, yet greater or possibly exchangeable over-the-ear pieces would have been something more… Kicker does not offer distinctive sizes of earpieces, however they are removable (see two tightens picture above).

GearDiary Kicker's Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Bluetooth capacities bolster for A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile), AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), and HFP (Hands-Free Profile), which enables the earphones to team up with an iOS or Android gadget for sound playback and voice calling in addition to related activities like quieting sound (see above). The discretionary 1/8″, erosion safe port enables associations with any iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 player or KICKER Docking System when not in remote utilize. These move make a little expectation to learn and adapt and are a kind choice.

Here are some vital specs:

Recurrence reaction: 20Hz-20kHz

Affectability: 101 dB/1mW

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Drive segments: 50mm

Max yield: 118 dB

Info associations: 3.5mm stereo; Bluetooth A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, aptX

Battery: 3.7V/600mAh Lithium-particle; 10 hours life; 2.5 hours charge time

Embellishments: 5′ USB-A to smaller scale USB; 5′ 3.5mm stereo link; 5′ 3.5mm stereo link with amplifier

The not too bad value point is key here and the earphone pieces move around well for solace and transportation/travel. Sufficiently reasonable to lure clients to influence the following stage to up for a quality sound alternative that is additionally generally agreeable. Likewise incorporates a drawstring material sack ideal for assurance.

Look at a portion of Kicker's experience story:

Over 40 years prior, KICKER's® Livin' Loud® inheritance started as a two-man task, hand-building proficient speaker frameworks in a restricted one-auto carport. With not very many assets and an extraordinary love for music, organization originator and flow president Steve Irby built up the principal full-extend speaker walled in area for autos and trucks in the northern Oklahoma people group of Stillwater, in this way designing a real item fragment in the versatile stereo market.

From that noteworthy minute, conveying show like sound quality over a wide volume extend with prestigious bass and precise sound has dependably been the KICKER way. What's more, it has extended into KICKER Home and Personal items – Bluetooth speaker frameworks and different earphone styles with incredible bass, smooth mids and itemized highs. Their execution is practical and bona fide, outlined by architects to unequivocally re-make what the craftsman planned you to hear.

Gracing the cobalt-blue Stillwater horizon, KICKER has remained consistent with the qualities on which it was assembled. Like the ingenious Oklahomans previously them who cut their ways on this same red soil with vigorous exertion and propelled considering, KICKER keeps on setting melodic benchmarks driven by aptitude and enthusiasm. KICKER is Livin' Loud – how you livin'?

Kicker's Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones

These Tabor HP402BT Bluetooth Headphones are accessible specifically from Kicker or from different retailers including Amazon.

MSRP: $179.95

What I Like: remote, all around built, brilliant sound, advantageous controls, incredible solace (for normal size client), Bluetooth choices, wired link alternatives

What Needs Improvement: undersized ear covers (long haul ear or potentially set out exhaustion toward bigger clients when ears don't completely fit inside pad)

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