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Lenovo Yoga 900 review

Lenovo had declared the move up to its thin Yoga 3 Pro at the current year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It was in the long run propelled in India toward the beginning of February. Withdrawing essentially from the naming tradition, Lenovo calls this the Yoga 900, in spite of the fact that regarding outline dialect, it is vigorously motivated by the Yoga 3 Pro. Give us a chance to investigate this 2-in-1 workstation and check whether this is the top of the line PC you should consider putting resources into.

Construct and Design

The plan dialect is very like what we had seen with the Yoga 3 Pro a year ago. You get a ultrabook which can go the distance around and give you the multi-mode operational highlights. The aluminum pivot system, which has a plan motivated by metallic watch groups, is seen again with the Yoga 900. This has turned into a kind of an identifier for the Yoga arrangement leader ultrabooks now. We like how well it has been actualized, guaranteeing that the show is consistent regardless of at which edge it is, extra the mellow weaving when tapping on the show.

The ultrabook device measures about 15mm in thickness when the top is shut and measures an insignificant 1.27kg. Despite the fact that this makes the device marginally heavier and thicker than the Pro version of the device, one must understand that the Yoga 900 accompanies Core i7 Intel processor, dissimilar to the Pro version of the device which had a fanless Intel Core m arrangement fueling the ultrabook.

The Yoga 900 comes in three hues, of which we got the brilliant hued display. The Yoga marking is emblazoned on the upper left hand side alongside the Lenovo marking on the base right hand side. It has a matte complete and there's a finished elastic get done with running along the edge of the workstation. On opening the cover you are welcomed with palm rest which has an exquisite cowhide complete all around the console. The show has thick bezels.

Going to the ports, on the correct hand side you have the USB 3.0 port at the best, trailed by the 3.5mm sound jack, pivot bolt key, reset catch and the power catch which has an inbuilt LED pointer. On the left hand side there the power port at the best took after by another USB 3.0 port, a USB Type C port with video out lastly a SD card peruser. On the back side you have descending terminating JBL speakers.

The Yoga 900 looks just as rich as its ancestor. Lenovo has figured out how to add more artfulness to this class of ultrabook by giving careful consideration to the palm rest territory. The Yoga 900 idea light is still really durable.

Console and Trackpad

The Yoga 900 has a 6-push chiclet console. In any case, it is something about the complete of the catches that influences you to require significant investment getting used to writing quick on the console. We felt that the Yoga 900 console has a somewhat less go than the console on the Yoga 3 Pro. We wound up with a great deal of grammatical mistakes. Likewise on account of the to a great degree intelligent surface of the show, the lower segment of which nearly acts like a mirror and you can see your fingers as you are writing, which is honestly diverting. There is no devoted number cushion.

The trackpad then again is amazing. Despite the fact that it is a solitary section of plastic with to a great degree responsive left and right snap catches. There is a fine chamfering around the trackpad which includes a touch of style to the general plan.


Despite the fact that the Lenovo Yoga 900 is a move up to the Yoga 3 Pro, it houses awesome inward segments. The Yoga 900 is fueled by Core i7 Intel 6500U, a double center hyper-strung central processing unit which has a clock speed of 2.5GHz together with a turbo support for recurrence of about 3.1GHz. The Skylake U processor depends on the 14nm assembling process. It accompanies 8GB of random access memory and has a 512GB Samsung SSD stockpiling of which around 476GB is accessible to the client.

It keeps running on Windows 10 Home single dialect version and fortunately separated from the McAfee Intel security suite and Lenovo's three applications (Companion, ID and Settings) we didn't go over any bloatware. Congruity settings application can be set to change show settings relying upon the mode you set your Yoga 3 Pro in. For example, on the off chance that you change to a perusing mode, the show gets a warm tinge to diminish strain on your eyes. 'My Favorites', area makes most much of the time utilized applications simpler to discover. You additionally have certain applications which are Harmony perfect and you can streamline settings for the same.

There is a 1MP high definition CMOS web camera. The 13.3-inch show has a 3200 x 1800 pixel QuadHD+ determination. There are descending terminating JBL Stereo speakers with Home Theater confirmation. Since this is a thin ultrabook, there is no committed LAN port and neither do you get any USB to LAN connector. Indeed, there are no packaged adornments with the Yoga 900 separated from the power connector.


The Lenovo Yoga 900 utilizations the same 13.3-inch QHD+ IPS show that we had seen with the Yoga 3 Pro. The 3200 x 1800 pixel determination on the Yoga 900 gives it a pixel thickness of 276 ppi. The show quality is better than average with incredible white levels and on account of the high pixel thickness. In any case, according to Lagom.nl review, we noticed that the best two lines of secret elements totally converged them into each other and therefore we couldn't separate them. The dark levels are not the best however we didn't see much backdrop illumination dying. Hues show up extremely lively. Yet, I felt that the show is a bit excessively intelligent. Any dull scene on the screen and the show turns into a mirror. This can be a buzzkill extraordinarily when you are charmed in a film, particularly when different factors, for example, the sound are great. Having said that the way message shows up on the show, rich with scarcely any kind of dithering, just makes the Yoga 900 a joy to peruse long articles on. The Reading mode guarantees less strain on the eyes.


On account of the Intel Core i7 processor matched with 8GB of random access memory, the Lenovo Yoga 900 speeds through the majority of the standard and register substantial errands. The absence of a devoted graphic processing unit implies that this won't be a gaming monster, however the inner Intel high definition 520 designs arrangement gave playable rate of around 33FPS for GRID Autosport at 1080p determination with Low preset. You could show signs of improvement outline rate at lower than full high definition resolutions.

We even utilized Adobe Premier Pro to do some video altering work and not once did we see any kind of log jam. So this is unquestionably a decent machine in the event that you are somebody whose work includes mixed media altering in a hurry. Watching motion pictures is another lovely experience, gave that you get used to the way that the show will be intelligent in dim scenes.

Windows 10 Home OS ran smooth, however the product glitches were detectable. When changing from the tablet mode to the work area mode, it unquestionably takes a moment or two longer. Additionally the touch encounter when utilizing as a part of the work area mode isn't perfect, just adequate to swipe through photographs in a collection.

The reaction of the touchscreen was great in the tablet mode, yet utilizing it as a handheld tablet for a long stretch isn't advantageous in any way. The tent and stand mode are preferrable in the event that you need to utilize the Yoga 900 as a tablet.

Battery Life

The one thing we abhorred with Yoga 3 Pro was the restricted battery life on the ultrabook. We could scarcely get past 6 hours on general use on an item which brandished Intel Core m processor – a processor explicitly implied for fanless workstations with long battery life. The Yoga 900 has absolutely indicated change on that front. We could undoubtedly entire a 8-hour work day with this ultrabook which included undertakings, for example, chipping away at office records, observing some YouTube recordings, altering photographs, surfing the web and tuning in to music. The PC Mark for Android gives an aggregate time of around 4 hours 26 mins, which is better than average considering this is an Intel Core i7 framework.

Decision and Price in India

Lenovo Yoga 900 takes all the great purposes of the Yoga 3 Pro and enhances the one negative part of its forerunner to give an extremely superbly created universally handy 2-in-1 ultrabook. The cost of the Yoga 900 is unquestionably steep at Rs 1,21,999 – around Rs 6,999 higher than the Yoga 3 Pro. At that value point, Lenovo can just charm just the most noteworthy end clients who need an attractive 2-in-1 which will give one a chance to do fill in and also play, while progressing.

Over the Rs 1 lakh value hindrance, Yoga 900 needs to contend with its own particular ThinkPad Carbon X1 which is a superior purchase for business clients. At the front of Mac OSX, you will see a Core i5 having 8GB random access memory and 256 Gigabyte SSD stockpiling around Rs 93,999 though a device model i7 core could be expensive up to Rs 1.5 lakhs in price. In case you love playing games on PC, at that point Yoga 900 is unquestionably not for you.

Therefore for the customary client, there is not much inspiration to blow such a great amount of money to get the Yoga 900. There are numerous alternatives which albeit thicker and heavier than the Yoga 900, will accompany better interior specs. It is implied for the individuals who are searching for a polished note pad which likewise performs awesome and is sold on the multi-mode operational theory.

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